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1 Bernanke quiet on next Fed moves, stresses job crisis
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Friday stopped short of signaling further action to boost the U.S. recovery, but said it was critical for the economy's health to reduce unemployment.
2 Greenspan's Fatal Conceit
There was no "irrational exuberance"; the exuberance was completely rational given the price signals at the time. A mass of market agents had simply been misled by a distortion-inducing monetary policy and a flawed, monopolized banking system.
3 Three Thoughts: What does the debt ceiling debate mean here?
Check out Daniel Petrey, featured in this weeks Bakersfield Californian. He writes about his thought on the Debt Ceiling.
4 A Short History of US Credit Defaults
Take a look back at the US Credit Defaults and you may get a look into our future
5 Bakersfield Californian - Four Thoughts - August 27, 2010
What kinds of changes should we be making to our investment portfolio in this time of uncertainty?
6 Bakersfield Californian - Three Thoughts - April 15, 2010
China's a long way from Bakersfield. Then again, Washington, D.C., isn't around the corner, either -- and notice how much we're affected by things that happen there.
7 Bakersfield Californian-Three Thoughts-September 18, 2009
The threat of an economic slowdown is a very real threat for several reasons.
First, the United States economy is very dependent upon consumers. Consumers have seen their houses, 401k)s, investments and pretty much every other asset lose value. Some have lost their jobs, and if they are employed, have replaced their...
8 Bakersfield Californian-September 10, 2009
Technically the recession may be over, but the better question might be what the recovery will look like?...
9 People In Business-September 04, 2009
JEFFREY MESTMAKER has become CEO of Mestmaker & Petrey Wealth Advisors Inc., a new registered investment advisory firm in Bakersfield. Mestmaker, the firm’s co-founder, worked with Morgan Stanley from 2005 until January. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles.
10 Kern Business - July 24, 2009
Jeffrey Mestmaker, left, and Daniel Petrey are partners in Mestmaker & Petrey Wealth Advisors. Bernie Madoff was the nation’s top business story when Daniel Petrey and Jeff Mestmaker launched their downtown Bakersfield investment advisory firm. Looking back at how the scandal shook people’s confidence in big names, they say their timing could have been worse...

11 People in Business-May 01, 2009
DANIEL PETREY has co-founded Mestmaker & Petrey Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, at 1675 Chester Ave., Suite 200. Petrey, a retirement planning specialist from Taft, worked for six years at Morgan Stanley. He serves as the new firm’s chief financial officer and chief compliance officer. Petrey earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in business administration at Cal State Bakersfield.